RH Recruitment: an innovative and future proof way of talent based matching

Find unexpected talent!

What is unique?

The job market is ever changing. Work changes rapidly and a ‘job for life’ is history. Career paths become more and more flexible. Selection nowadays works both ways: employers select candidates, but candidates are more conscious in their choice of employers as well.

The RH Recruitment method goes beyond ‘the perfect candidate for the current position at this moment’. Of course this is important and accounted for, but RH Recruitment takes it further. The first step is to find out if there is a sound, basic match. Next, we explore the personal qualities, values and ambitions of the candidate to learn if there is a sustainable match in the longer run as well. Job positions change, whether we like it or not. We better make sure no valuable future-proof match is lost.

The core of RH Recruitment? Work is a Resource for Humans, not the other way around.

Prevent false positives and false negatives
Promote diversity and reduce selection bias
Present your organization to the candidate
Reduce turnover

How does RH Recruitment work?

During the online selection process, we give you plenty of ways to present your organization to the candidates. We enable video, text or images that make the online process more personal, informative and efficient. This helps the candidate to make an informed decision to work at your company.

Using a validated method, a psychological profile will be created with core criteria for a good person-job fit. We use an evidence-based and reliable method to analyze the needs and challenges.

Phase 1. Preselection

We use the behavior-based assessment (BBA), developed by Arctic Shores, in this phase. This approach provides a pleasant candidate experience, right from the start. The use of a BBA provides a scientifically sound insight into the fit between the candidate and the criteria of the job. We often add our cognitive ability test to this phase, to get full insight in the candidates match with the job requirements.

More diversity, less bias
Time saving for recruiters
Candidate experience

Phase 2. Personal story

In this second phase, it’s all about the candidate’s story. What are his or her talents, qualities and ambitions? What does the candidate bring to the table, and what does he or she need in return to flourish?

We provide the tools for the candidate to tell his or her own story, such as writing or creative assignments, self-reflections, a video pitch and more. Together we will determine which instruments help your candidates best to tell their story.

Automated CV parser
Input for great conversations

Phase 3. Presentation

All the results and stories the candidate provides will be saved in a secure, hyper personal, online presentation page. All the facets of the candidate will show in one overview. Not only in words, but in video, images and sounds as well. All this really presents the full person!

The candidate is the one who shares his or her results
The full person in one overview
More details when you zoom in

RH Recruitment works for many organizations, including the City of Utrecht, Randstad and KLM. Read our client cases (Dutch) or reach out to us. We will gladly tell you all about our method.

Does your organization have specific requests or wishes? We have a broad range of scientifically based tools for selection and personal development.

Do you want to recruit more talent?

Jaap Jan or Ellen will tell you how. No strings attached.

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